Deconstructing Religion in Marriage

Bridging Beliefs, Strengthening Bonds


Couples grappling with the complexities of deconstructing deeply ingrained religious beliefs, particularly within evangelical Christianity, Mormonism, or similar backgrounds, take tremendous courage. Our specialized co-therapy treatment offers a compassionate and understanding space to guide couples through the profound journey of rediscovery, both individually and within their marriage.

This treatment is specifically designed for couples who are navigating the intricate process of redefining themselves and their marriage post-deconstruction of religious faith. Our therapists specialize in this nuanced area, offering empathetic guidance and evidence-based techniques tailored to address the specific challenges faced by couples in this transformative phase. Our comprehensive 12-week co-therapy program, “Deconstructing Religion in Marriage,” aims to

Program Schedule

Weeks 1-4: Acknowledging Identity Shifts

Explore the profound impact of identity shifts after deconstructing religious beliefs, helping couples navigate personal growth and its influence on the marriage dynamic.

Weeks 5-8: Rebuilding Marital Foundations

Address the challenges of relearning relationship dynamics, roles, and values after undergoing significant belief system changes.

Weeks 9-12: Navigating Intimacy Through Transformation

Guide couples in reestablishing emotional and physical intimacy within the context of their evolving beliefs, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.

Conjoint Therapy Approach

Our treatment utilizes a conjoint therapy model, employing two therapists specifically trained to support couples navigating the intricate process of faith deconstruction. Together, they offer a distinctive blend of compassionate support, personalized guidance, and evidence-based practices finely tuned to address the multifaceted challenges of this journey.

Navigating Post-Religious Deconstruction

We comprehend the intricate struggles inherent in rebuilding identities and relationships post-religious deconstruction. Our treatment approach is meticulously designed to foster a nurturing environment, fostering healing, facilitating growth, and reigniting a profound sense of connection for couples embarking on this transformative journey together.

Facilitators for Conjoint Therapy:

Sheena Glover, PsyD

Lisa Brennan, LPC > Psychology Today

Program FAQs

Co-therapy involves the collaboration of two therapists working simultaneously with a couple during sessions. This approach offers diverse perspectives, insights, and support, enhancing the depth of exploration and understanding within the relationship. In contrast, traditional couples therapy involves one therapist guiding the couple through sessions.

Co-therapy provides couples with a broader spectrum of therapeutic perspectives and support. It offers diverse insights, promotes richer discussions, and allows for a more comprehensive exploration of relationship dynamics. Having two therapists enables a more nuanced understanding of complex issues, often leading to deeper breakthroughs and growth within the couple’s dynamic.

Our specialized co-therapy treatment is crafted for couples who have undergone or are currently navigating the challenging process of deconstructing deeply rooted religious beliefs, particularly within evangelical Christianity, Mormonism, or similar backgrounds. Couples experiencing the complexities of redefining themselves and their marriage post-deconstruction will find tailored guidance and understanding within this treatment.