Our Services

At Intimacy in Progress, we understand that life’s journey comes with its unique challenges and complexities. We’re here to offer a supportive hand and a listening ear, especially for those navigating the intricate paths of personal and relational issues. Our commitment is to provide empathetic, professional counseling tailored to meet your individual needs, with a special focus on the LGBTQ community and a broad spectrum of relationship dynamics.

Couple Therapy

A collaborative space to address and heal relationship issues. It’s a journey to understanding, where both partners can feel heard and valued. Together, you’ll learn strategies for better communication, deeper connection, and renewed commitment

Intensive Couple Therapy

Deeper, more focused approach for relationships in crisis or those needing immediate attention. Over concentrated sessions, couples work on critical issues with a therapist, paving the way for significant breakthroughs and profound healing.

Group Therapy

A unique perspective gained from shared experiences. A space where individuals can learn from others in similar situations, offering support and insight while fostering a community of understanding and growth